SEO While Using the Firefox Browser

10 Reasons to Have SEO Done On Your Website While Using the Firefox Browser

There are many browsers in the market today that you can use for your website, but there’s one thing that sets them apart, the Plug-ins and Add-ons support. SEO optimization that is designed for Firefox browser is the most effective way of drawing more traffic to your website. Plug-ins are essential in SEO optimization, and Firefox has the best integration compared to all other browsers. Sometimes you might overlook this exceptional feature by trying to use other browsers only to realize that you can use the same tools you normally use on your Firefox browser with other browsers.  An SEO expert can help you get this done.  Search engine optimization is critical for your website to be found.

Here are 10 Plug-ins and Add-ons specifically for SEO:

  1. SEO for Firefox

This is a standard tool for many SEOs, and the plug-in gives you extra information when you search anything on Google. Its helps in seeing a site’s Page-Rank, Yahoo links, age and other data that can help you in analyzing your competitors. Furthermore, it gives you access to SEO X-Ray, a tool that shows you the H tag use, internal and external links and meta-information.

  1. SearchStatus

The Google toolbar can be boring at times especially when used to find the Page-Rank of a page. SearchStatus helps you get Page-Rank, Moz RANK, and Compete Rank all in your status bar.

  1. 3. Rank Checker

This tool allows quick ranking update since it`s quick and the findings can be exported to a CSV document so that you can do a comparison with the previous rankings

  1. SEO link Analysis

The tool works in an exceptional way when you visit your Google Webmaster or Yahoo Site Explorer in search of backlinks. Using this tool, you see what other sites are linking back and also find out the competitor`s keywords target.

  1. 5. Firebug

It’s more of a developer console for Firefox that allows your single website elements by using measures such as forwarding, loading time and source code. You can easily localize certain HTML elements and edit them directly in your Firefox browser.

  1. Link-parser

Link-parser is the best tool for analyzing link structure since it offers 9 different link types. Besides that, you can also check out the important links as previewed in the browser.


  1. HTML Validator

This tool validates your browser hence you are less likely to experience browsing problems since it checks for codes that could be causing inconsistencies in your Firefox browser and tells you how to fix them.

  1. Web developer

Its functionality is similar to the other tools and is used by a large number of developers. It’s mainly used to turn off JavaScript when observing how a site is handling its main navigation.  There are many web developers in Gilbert, Arizona.

  1. Multilink

Multilink lets you open and copy multiple sites at a go. The tedious task of copying a single link at a time doesn’t exist when using this tool. The links are copied to your clipboard after dragging them.

  1. Flem

Flem lets you browse through a list of URLs with much ease. You simply copy the list of URLs to your clipboard and paste them into Flem toolbar. Flem allows you to browse from one URL to the next by clicking previous/ next.

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