10 Firefox Browser Tips and Tricks

10 Firefox Browser Tips and Tricks

There are a number of reasons why most people prefer browsing the internet using Mozilla Firefox instead of the other browsers. Mozilla Firefox is really cool due to the unlimited choices of add-ons, plus it’s compatible with most of the programs. In addition, it also provides an array of customization options that make the browsing experience superb.

Here are ten tips and tricks you probably didn’t know about:

  1. One-click Bookmarking

Firefox offers a quick way of adding a site to your bookmarks, by clicking on the star icon in the browser’s “location Bar.” Clicking the star icon once automatically saves the page to the unsorted bookmarks folder. While, clicking it twice allows you to edit the location, the title and other details.

  1. Shrink your icons

Most people probably don’t know that they can change how Firefox’s toolbar icons are displayed to create more screen space. Simply click on the “View” menu, select “Toolbars,”, then customize option and then select the “Use Small Icons” box.

  1. Tag Your Bookmarks for Quick Access

Firefox allows users to organize their bookmarks by tagging them with keywords. By typing the tag in the location bar, you can access sites that you’ve saved using the particular word, in the process you save time.

  1. Add icons to the toolbar

There are some activities that are done frequently such as managing downloads or printing, and there’s a trick to add more functionality to your toolbar. Start by clicking on the “view menu”, then toolbar and then the customize option. Here you can drag and drop the icons you want to the top of your browser for faster access.

  1. Change the default E-mail Setting

The boring issue of Firefox loading up a default mail program can waste your time. You can avoid this by clicking on Tools, Options, move to Applications and down to ‘Mailto’ on the left, hit the dropdown menu and choose the email program you are likely to use in future.

  1. Change the default Font Size

Textual clarity is important and you can make changes in your browser. Go to Tools, Options, proceed to Content and then advanced button where you can change Fonts and Colors.

  1. Save a Search Shortcut

In case you want to save time browsing the internet, right clicking the site’s search box and adding a keyword for that search makes search browsing quicker.

  1. Shortcut keys

There are plenty of keyboard and mouse shortcuts in Firefox, the main ones are:

  • Control+Sift+T- reopens the last closed tab
  • Control+Page Up/Down-Moves to the previous tab
  • /-Quick find


  1. Clear a single site from your browsing history

Firefox offers a trick on how to delete one site from your history. Go to history, click show history, type the name of the site you want to delete. After it has loaded right click and select forget about this site

  1. Set up multiple homepages

Firefox makes it possible to have multiple sites as your homepages. Go to options, then “General” and lasty hit the Use “Current Pages button”

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